The Cast

No shootin' back from the 'D' No profession, no situation, no opponent and no place daunts Fred.
 Jimmy is Freds ne'er-do-well little brother, you can see him in the dole queues in any country Want some mull?Jimmy
 Achtung!Fred's old man, Otto von Gassit, is a much decorated hero of WWII. But on the wrong side.
A new addition is feisty young Hedgy. A Hedgehog living in a country with no Hedgehogs, probably explains why he is so feisty (not to scale, natch)
 Fungin' bast!Granma, Freds delightful grandmother, spent most of her life in the merchant navy (?)
 Freds faithful companion when back home on Granma's farm is Roostyroosty.jpg 5.09 K

Glossary of Aussie Slang

Arse Up - To fall off, to go 'arse up' is to fall over.
R. Spuncher - A rude name, homophobic in nature, it implys the recipient indulges in a form of sex prevalent among the homosexual community (oh alright.....Arse puncher..get it!!)
Piss - Apart from the obvious it is a charming anglo-australian term relating to alchoholic beverages. Usual said in a loving and affectionate term, ie: "lets suck some piss"
Suck a Fat - Ah, more Homophobic assertions, mostly stated non-contextually (ie: not an actual request, more an invective)
Sheila - An old-fashioned term denoting a person is of a female gender. Not in common use these days, unless meant ironically or sardonically. It is as commonly used as americans use the word 'dame' or 'broad' these days.
P'sorff - Please remove yourself from my immediate vicinity or I may be forced to resort to less oral methods to communicate my displeasure.
F'ungin - An expletive of apparent infinite definitions.
Me - Used extensively to replace the word 'my'. As in "this is me car" or "this is me missus, rough eh?"
Missus - A term indicating some loose socio-economic-sexual understanding exists between the speaker and the currently indicated person of (usually) nominal female gender.

Some notes on Australias Geopolitical situation vis-a-vis bikers.
Australia is like the USA upside down (funnily enough). All the rednecks are up north while Melbourne in the south is the very model of urbane sophistication (just like Now York) and Sydney is a humid, shallow, cockroach infested swamp halfway between the two
Unlike in Crocodile Dundee Australia is an intensely urban country, with 90% of the population living within 100kms of the coast, mostly in cities.
Sydney and Melbourne are the two largest cities, with 7-8 million people among them. Sydney is larger but Melbourne is fairly close behind. The two have an intense rivalry as to which is better, but no-one knows of Melbourne outside Australia so its a bit of a moot point.
Sydneys main attractions are an ugly bridge and a bizarre looking Opera house, like any Sydney-sider's actually go to the Opera!
In Melbourne Aussie Rules is the main sport, in Sydney and Queensland it is Rugby. The two are so seperate that Melbourne has no rugby league teams at all and I have never heard a Melbournian talk of the Rugby League results on a Monday. Despite this Melbourne has pulled in the two largest Rugby crowds in the southern hemisphere ever during 'exhibition' games(go figure) .

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